„Before I die“:

1. surf a wave
2. Travel the world
3. ride the fastest roller coaster of the world
4. drive faster than 270km/h
5. Safari Tour in Africa
6. own a little cottage/farm 
7. swim with a dolphin
8. sky dive
9. have dinner in the desert
10. see penguins in the wild
11. Snowboarding
12. snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
13. Ride a Dog Slight
14. swim with sharks and rays
15. see the pigs at the Bahamas
16. travel to finland, sleep in an igloo and see polar lights
17. camp in the mountains for one week
18. be proud of myself
19. see all wonders of the world
20. be financial free
21. make a retreat in bali
22. sleep under the stars
23. sleep in a tree house
24. Open Air Sex
25. party for 2 days
26. dance in the rain
27. stargazing in the Atacama Desert
28. get a tattoo
29. get a piercing
30. be at the edge of the world
31. be able to get everything I want
32. Carneval in Rio
33. own a dog and a cat and start a roadtrip with them
34. skinnydip
35. get a driver license for motorcycle
36. own a camper van
37. win a competition
38. laugh so hard I start crying
39. learn the split
40. shoot with a gun
41. buy a plane ticket without knowing whereto
42. travel through Peru
43. cuddle an Alpaca
44. pet a baby tiger and a baby fox
45. stand at the edge of kjeragbolten and preikestolen
46. get hypnotised
47. write a book
48. create my own product and sell it
49. send a message in a bottle
50. fly first class
51. have my own happy family
52. celebrate my dream wedding
53. tick off all points
54. adopt an animal
55. save an animal
56. make my brothers wish come true
57. take my whole family to Disneyland
58. get an organ donor card
59. use a escalator the wrong way
60. walk through the jungle
61. get my wedding dress with my mum
62. howl with wolves
63. Whalewatching
64. swim with elephants
65. learn to dance
66. surprise my parents with their dream vacation
67. celebrate holi festival
68. photograph a tornado
69. get my driver license
70. make a wish come true for my sister
71. get a surprise travel
72. make an old man laugh
73. have an underwater photoshooting
74. swim with a mermaid fin
75. go back to australia and visit my family
76. swim with whale sharks
77. have an adventure engagement photoshooting
78. travel to grand canyon
79. enjoy Floating Breakfast 
80. be an actress in a movie
81. See Machu Picchu
82. sing in front of an audience
83. fall in love
84. don’t tell a single lie for 1 year (not even a small one)
85. go on an adventure trip with my boyfriend
86. make my parents be proud of me
87. buy my parents a dream house
88. island hopping in hawaii
89. camp in the australian bush
90. catch a wild animal
91. write a book for kids with my mother
92. kiss on the eiffel tower
93. travel to London (visit Harry Potter Studio)
94. cut my hair short
95. have beautiful honeymoon
96. be a maid of honor
97. travel the USA with my bestie
98. have a dressing room at home
99. volunteer for animal rescue
100. make someone happy every day
101. make the world a better place
102. travel to norway with my brother
103. take my bestie on vacation as a surprise
104. walk the pct
105. Coachella with friends
106. ride a horse in the desert or at the beach
107. have at least one daughter 
108. improve my skills in photoshop 
109. own a black ninja
110. become a travel blogger/content creator and earn money with it
111. be published in a magazine (in a positive way)
112. go to disneyland with minnie mouse ears
113. move in together with my partner
114. get filmed and photographed by Michael Moretti
115. own a go pro and a drone and a professional camera
116. sleep in a luxury hotel
117. get amazing collaborations with brands and hotels
118. learn new languages: spanish, french and russian
119. live happily ever after with him
120. fly to the maldives